Mittwoch, 16. Januar 2013

PyMOL 007: New Feature

I recently wrote a mail to the PyMOL user mailing-list asking if PyMOL can write vector graphics based files of a session (similar to Molscript). Vector graphics are scalable, require less disc space (good for journal uploads) and look beautiful, allowing to focus attention on details that matter.

Here's the mail I wrote:

Hi PyMOL users
Can PyMOL write a vector based picture of a session? Does not require to
be very "fancy", but vector based would be cool. Something like in the
old days with molscript.

Best regards

In the following, a number of people responded suggesting SVG or EPS/PDF as file format. Within three days, Jason Vertrees of Schrödinger started a poll to check which format was most preferred by the users. Find it here:

It looks as if this really is a feature that could be appreciated and it would be great if it was implemented.
I guess there will be some management involved in the decision making, but in any case its another example of the great support by the PyMOL developers at Schrödinger. And sometimes this deserves mentioning.

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